Oil Change

Regular scheduled oil changes are the key to a happy & healthy engine.  Save on gas, keep your engine running longer and  stronger! 

  • Using only the best brands of full synthetic, synthetic blend or high mileage motor oil. 
  • Replace and recycle your car's used oil and oil filter.
  • Perform an comprehensive inspection of the entire vehicle, including cosmetics.
  • Check and top off other essential fluids.


When your tire alignment is off, your ability to drive safely is greatly compromised.  Sometimes unaligned wheels can be obvious, (you car veers to one direction or your steering wheel has a vibration in it).  In some cases, the driver would not even notice which is why regular alignments are crucial to the safety of you, family, your tires and your car!

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Tires & Brakes

A good tire is essential for any driver, whether you are commuting regularly or taking a road trip! 

Stop in today for a tire courtesy check, patch and the BEST deals on brand NEW tires with full installation and optional Alignment services.

We offer FREE brake checks 7-days a week!

  • New pads
  • Resurfacing of rotors or drums
  • Inspection of brakes
  • Optional fluid exchange / replenish
  • Limited Warranty on Pads and Service!

A/C Services & Repair

When auto A/C systems break down, refrigerant leaks.  It is harmful to the environment and to your car.  It can cause damage to your car's essential parts.  On top of all that, it will promise you an uncomfortable ride during those long hot days or cold winter days! 

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